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    WA Parole - Pre-Sentencing Report Only Up to the Judge?

    My husband has been jailed for 5 years and is eligible for parole after 3 years. The accident he was involved in relating to the conviction and imprisonment happen in 2014. He was found guilty in Oct 2016 and sentenced Nov 2016. I feel he has been sentenced as if the accident happened...
  2. L

    NSW Ramifications of a Weekend Away with Friend on Parole?

    Hi, My friend's been on parole for the last 4 months for armed robbery. I wasn't in the country when that happened and I've only reconnected with them recently. A bunch of friends and I are going on holiday over the long weekend. We will be staying in a property I own. I gave him my details to...
  3. J

    NSW Will I Go to Jail if Urine Analysis Comes Back Dirty?

    If I'm on parole and a urine analysis comes back dirty, what happens? Do I go back to jail or do I get a warning?
  4. L

    QLD Criminal Law - Ideas on Conditions of Husband's Parole Release?

    My hubby is currently incarcerated. Sentenced 3 months of 9 months term. Parole release date is scheduled 3/5/2016. It remains ambiguous what his conditions will be on release. He has had no information provided to him. Due to many traumas throughout this whole corrupt legal process, it is...
  5. J

    VIC Jail Time for Similar Criminal Offence Charges - Totalitarian Principle?

    A friend is currently serving jail time in VIC for criminal law offences committed back in the 70s/80s. At the time of the arrest warrant being served for these offences, he was in custody doing jail time for similar offences in QLD. Whilst he was serving his jail time in QLD, he was issued the...
  6. D

    QLD Details Lacking in QP9 - Challenge Queensland Police Procedure?

    I'm being charged with numerous criminal law offences in Queensland. This is because a person of my discription had tried to quickly park their car and then was on foot once they saw a road side RBT, and then was detained and while searching the car they found a couple drug utensils an couple...
  7. J

    QLD Domestic Violence Order - Have to Go to Court Monday

    My friend in on parole and recently there was a DVO (domestic violence order) in place between me and him which the police put in place not me I didn't want it. Another thing has happened and I called the police and I claimed he had spat on me, now he is being charged with assault, now thinking...
  8. M

    VIC Ex in Prison - IVO and Domestic Violence Related

    Hi All, I have a rather complicated scenario. Me (32 f), ex (27 m), and child (3 years f). So back in 2013 me and my ex attended a party. He was heavily intoxicated (heavy drinker), got into an altercation with the man whose 40th it was. Window was broken. He got thrown out I decided to stay...
  9. R

    VIC Giving False Information to Corrections Victoria and Adult Parole Board?

    A friend has given the Adult Parole Board (APB) and Corrections Victoria a false name in order for her b/f to be released from prison and be granted parole. He b/f applied for her address and her and her children to live with when granted parole. A home assessment was conducted and they denied...