NSW Dental procedure gone wrong

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  1. Regina Saunders

    9 January 2018
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    had some dental treatment done through an Aboriginal Health Care, wisdom teeth issues, and the dentist decided to extract a tooth from beside my wisdom teeth.
    She did not take an X Ray.
    It seems my teeth were fused to my jaw and the prolonged extraction has created a great gaping hole in my palette. When I drink water, it goes straight through the hole.
    The dentist’s reaction to her obvious mistake was visible. She shook and couldn’t talk for some time. She had to call another dentist in who took over. I was taken to Inverell and examined. It seems I now needs extensive surgery to correct what has gone wrong. The older dentist admitted that ‘she’ll never make that mistake twice’. The mistake: not taking the X Ray. And now extensive damage. My voice is different as well as the constant ‘head cold’ in my sinuses. I was told that I had signed a disclaimer, so nothing can be done. If I’m lucky, it should heal itself in three months. If that doesn’t happen, then surgery (with an ear, nose and throat specialist) will be the next step at a cost of $4000.
    The dentist then told me, ‘but it’s a terrible operation, and I wouldn’t recommend getting it done if you can live without it’.
  2. Rob Legat - SBPL

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    16 February 2017
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    You need someone who is experienced in medico legal law to look at this for you.
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