VIC Medical negligence ? Infection caught from patient in same room

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4 July 2016
50 something year old patient with very treatable leukaemia. Patient placed in same ward as another patient with a fungal infection - other patient was very open about sharing details of their infection. Cancer patient with no immunity due to their treatment. Cancer patient now has fungal infection (unknown and has been advised that they cannot treat it) which has spread through their body. Cancer patient at the time asked to be moved to another room due to information received from other patient. Cancer patient has been informed that there is nothing more medically they can do. Cancer patient is single parent to young children who are now allowed to visit them due to life expectancy very short. Previously no visitation allowed due to COVID. No expectations of returning home. This has happened in th past 3 weeks. Devasting when prognosis was very good just 3 weeks ago.

Is this negligence? Can anyone advise if legally the patient and the children have a case and the steps they should now take. Older children are 21 and 18 and I will do anything possible to help them.


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6 February 2019
I recommend you see a lawyer who practices in medical negligence for an initial consult (Should find one that offers a free initial consult) There are procedures around management of immunosuppresed patients as well as management of infections patients... A lawyer in that field will know what procedures should apply & if there may have been a breach.