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  1. Marg4578

    NSW Is Master Debt Sale Agreement Valid?

    Hi there, if a Master Debt Sale Agreement between a Bank (selling the debt) and a Debt Collector (purchasing the debt) is missing information in the date (missing the day and the month, only has the year) but everything else is filled in properly (parties, signatures, etc...) is the agreement...
  2. T

    VIC Dispute with Gas Company & Debt Collectors - What to Do?

    Hi All, I'm wondering if someone knows the answer to a question I have around the requirement to prove a debt exists in the first place. Sorry for the long story.... So in 2010, we had a leaking gas meter which we alerted our provider too and they came and fixed it. We then got a very high...
  3. Shricket

    QLD Commonwealth Bank Sold Debt to Debt Collectors?

    So I received a letter from Commonwealth Bank about some arrears and that if they weren't fixed they would take legal action, citing a number to call. I called, made arrangements and all was good. My partner lost his job unexpectedly last week and as such our pay was substantially smaller than...
  4. E

    SA Australian Consumer Law on Phone Company and Harassment from Debt Collectors?

    There comes a point when you just give up. I am chasing my own tail at the moment. One minute I think I am going to get it, then it slips away. I cancelled my home line and internet package through a phone company August/September last year. Since then, it has been an absolute nightmare. I'm...
  5. KimBer

    QLD Australian Consumer Law - Video Store Claiming I Never Returned Video?

    In 2012, we hired 2 videos, 1 overnight and 1 weekly. A month or so ago, I received a notice from the video store saying I hadn't returned the weekly video and I owe them $40 for replacement of the video, but if I paid immediately they would reduce it to $20. I phoned the store, informed them...
  6. T

    VIC ATO Computer Generated Debt - What to Do?

    Last year, I did my wife's tax on My tax. she makes 14 to 25 thousand a year, due to the mining co. laps and a knee operation. We had to dip into savings and nest eggs to stay afloat. As part of this, she sold 92 Comm bank shares that she never bought. We are not wealthy enough to be...
  7. P

    VIC Gym Payments and Debt Collectors - What to Do?

    Hello everyone, Please I need help. The case is, I wanted to start going to a gym in Melbourne and the person who made me the membership told me that they were going to give me one month free, which I thought it would be a trial month, but I didn't realise that I sign the contrat, which was...
  8. R

    QLD Is Bank Statement Sufficient Proof of Payment to Debt Collectors?

    Hello everyone, I have been contacted by a company claiming I have not paid an invoice from several years ago. I have a bank statement which I can show them where the transaction is listed with their name and amount. I will be contacting them in the coming days to provide this statement to...
  9. K

    QLD Ex Stopped Paying Kindergarten Fees - Taking Me to Debt Collectors?

    Hi, my ex has stopped paying our child's kinder fees. The kindergarten has been taking the money out of his account for the past 2 years and had always contacted him for payment and knew he was responsible for the bills. Now that he has stopped, they are threatening to take me to the debt...
  10. Q

    QLD Possible Privacy Breach by Debt Collectors?

    What are the limitations that exist for 'debt collectors' or a finance company that has been assigned the rights under an Agreement, to contact a business associate to enquire about contact details for a debtor? The creditor (finance company) has our contact details as I've spoken to them once...