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    Debt - Need for Proof that Letter of Demand was Sent?

    Hello, My mother is being chased by debt collectors. She doesn't dispute the debt and she made an offer for a repayment plan. This was rejected and a letter was apparently sent by this company saying that if she does not counter offer within a certain period of time, they would commence...
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    VIC Right to Know the Purchase Price of a Debt?

    The ANZ sold my credit card of $10,000 to debt collectors. Do I have a right to know as a consumer what they paid for the debt? Can anyone help with this, as I'm being taken to court for the $10k?
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    NSW Consequences of Unpaid Toll Debt?

    Hi all, This is for a friend - there is someone constantly coming to the house to try and I guess serve papers as I searched the phone number and it says debt collector. I am assuming they are for all the unpaid toll letters for when using the M5/M7, etc. What is the possible punshiment that...
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    NSW Scam on Facebook - What to Do?

    Hi, There was an post that came up on my Facebook page about a blackhead remover mask. People had commented on the ad and l clicked on it and came up to register before viewing products will. l did with my name and address so then the product came up to view. l wasn't interested, so closed the...
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    NSW Friend Not Honouring Loan Agreement - What to Do?

    I lent 80,000 AUD to a friend who promised to return the money in 4 weeks' time but now it's been more than 6 months and I am still chasing the guy. Despite various promises, I haven't got any money back. I have a signed loan agreement along with statutory declaration regarding the loan amount...
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    VIC NAB Sold Debt and Broke the Agreement - Can We Sue?

    Hi, My partner and I had 2 home loans and 2 credit cards with NAB. My partner lost his job, after our savings ran out. The home loans weren't paid, we signed an agreement with the bank that 1 home loan would be placed on hold and we had to put that house up for sale. The other home loan we had...
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    NSW How to Sign Debt Over to Me?

    Hi, I thought this would be the best place to ask. I have no idea about this kind of thing. Basically, my mother got a phone plan in my name when I was 19 and I was incompetent with money and has since now incurred a $7,000 debt from this phone bill. She has debt collectors chasing her for it...
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    QLD Debt Collectors Breaching Privacy - Claim Compensation?

    I am overseas and had an unknown debt that was past onto a debt collector. The debt collectors kept calling my disabled mother about the debt. They then gave her all the private information regarding my debt, the amount owed, my personal details, details of the debt, etc. They then transferred...
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    QLD Debt Collectors Chasing Me for Incorrectly Sent iPhone?

    So I was browsing through potential phone plans and one company seemed to have a pretty good deal going, but I wasn't sure I would be able to get approved due to a poor credit history. I entered a few details on their website as an enquiry and I received an email the next day stating that I...
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    NSW Debt Collectors Claiming Suspicious Bill - What to Do?

    Not sure if I'm posting in the right spot. About 7 months ago, my partner got a call from a debt collector about 2 energy bills. One bill, he said, belonged to him yet they won't take the money for it and the other bill belongs to his brother. He gave the company his brother's number and they...