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Debt collection is the process of pursuing payments of debts owed by individuals or businesses. An organization that specializes in debt collection is known as a collection agency or debt collector. Most collection agencies operate as agents of creditors and collect debts for a fee or percentage of the total amount owed.

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  1. amy p

    QLD Debt Collectors Chasing Brother for Private School Fees?

    My brother has a daughter who goes to a private school & is unable to pay the school fees because he has filed bankruptcy. Now the mother has sent debt collectors after him, saying he has 7 days to pay. He pays his child support so doesn't that cover school fees? He has seen his daughter...
  2. M

    QLD Company Used Undergoing Liquidation - What are Debtor's Rights?

    Good afternoon! A company we used to use has gone into liquidation. We received from the liquidator some of invoices which we have been asked to pay (We were never invoiced apparently). I have no problem paying the invoices if we do owe them. I have requested proof of supply to which they have...
  3. B

    QLD Builder Gone into Administration - Consequences?

    We recently undertook >$50,000 worth of renovation work with a licensed builder. We have almost reached the end of the build with minimal items outstanding, and only owe the final payment of 5%. Our builder has since had their licence suspended meaning they cannot continue work for us. We have...
  4. S

    NSW Opinion on My Credit Card Debt?

    I think debt collectors are trying to get into contact with me and the only thing that might be hanging over my head is a credit card debt from the early 2000's in which I haven't made any payments to since 2002 or early 2003 at the very latest. So I understand the situation in NSW that the debt...
  5. R

    VIC debt collectors legal action?

    hi I'm an international studenta studying in melbourne Victoria . so I'm having this problem with goodlife health clubs and they want money from me because my account overdue is almost $190 , and now the debt collectors asking for $900 which I don't have any intention to pay. my question is how...
  6. A

    Debt - Need for Proof that Letter of Demand was Sent?

    Hello, My mother is being chased by debt collectors. She doesn't dispute the debt and she made an offer for a repayment plan. This was rejected and a letter was apparently sent by this company saying that if she does not counter offer within a certain period of time, they would commence...
  7. S

    VIC Right to Know the Purchase Price of a Debt?

    The ANZ sold my credit card of $10,000 to debt collectors. Do I have a right to know as a consumer what they paid for the debt? Can anyone help with this, as I'm being taken to court for the $10k?
  8. L

    NSW Consequences of Unpaid Toll Debt?

    Hi all, This is for a friend - there is someone constantly coming to the house to try and I guess serve papers as I searched the phone number and it says debt collector. I am assuming they are for all the unpaid toll letters for when using the M5/M7, etc. What is the possible punshiment that...
  9. E

    NSW Scam on Facebook - What to Do?

    Hi, There was an post that came up on my Facebook page about a blackhead remover mask. People had commented on the ad and l clicked on it and came up to register before viewing products will. l did with my name and address so then the product came up to view. l wasn't interested, so closed the...
  10. M

    NSW Friend Not Honouring Loan Agreement - What to Do?

    I lent 80,000 AUD to a friend who promised to return the money in 4 weeks' time but now it's been more than 6 months and I am still chasing the guy. Despite various promises, I haven't got any money back. I have a signed loan agreement along with statutory declaration regarding the loan amount...