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The Australian Consumer Laws (ACL), being Schedule 2 to the Competition and Consumer Act 2010, is uniform legislation for consumer protection, applying as a law of the Commonwealth of Australia and is incorporated into the law of each of Australia's states and territories. The law commenced on 1 January 2011, replacing 20 different consumer laws across the Commonwealth and the states and territories, although certain other Acts continue to be in force.

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    NSW Transactions Covered by Australian Consumer Law?

    I am trying to understand what sort of transactions are covered under the Australian Consumer Law? If I buy or sell my personal laptop to an individual, is that covered under Australian Consumer Law? For example, I buy a laptop from someone (not a shop but an individual) and find the laptop to...
  2. J

    QLD Confirmation Letter from Holiday Accommodation Legally Binding - Australian Consumer Law?

    Friends and I have a sporting event to attend so a month ago. We booked a holiday apartment in Broadbeach QLD for 15 nights in May. We booked through, and received a full confirmation including price from them. Now they have emailed and said that they made a mistake in the price...
  3. R

    QLD Australian Consumer Law - Owner of Backpackers Asked Me to Leave?

    I'm booked into a backpackers in Yeppoon and paid for until the 24/1/19. I've just returned to the hostel from the beach to find the owner asking me to leave tonight for these reasons: Last night I used aromatherapy in the dorm without realising how strong it was, and one of the other dorm...
  4. M

    NSW I bought lottery tickets but never received them

    I bought several lottery tickets from a well-known charity that I supported quite a few times before, definitely not a scam, and they were going to email me the tickets. Didn't get them, so I rang them up, and they said they would send again. Still didn't get them, so I rang about 5 times over...
  5. H

    NSW Issues with Used Nissan - Australian Consumer Law Recourse?

    Hi all, so, this one is a pickle. Here is the back story: I purchased a used 2013 Nissan xtrail 4WD from a private seller on 16 November 2018. Prior to purchase, I had the vehicle inspected by my mechanic, who identified a leak from the rear differential. The vehicle was (and is) still under...
  6. H

    NSW Lost Property in a Cafe Shop

    I went to a Asian cafe shop to buy some takeaway and lost my shoulder bag (inside is a wallet with over $1000 cash). I sat at a table that’s just opposite to the counter inside the cafe and are pretty confident that there are cameras in the shop. Since my house is only 5mins walk from the place...
  7. I

    QLD Australian Consumer Law on Software Updates on Electronic Items?

    Hi Experts, I bought a WiFi-enabled speaker system that has the capability to directly stream music from Internet Radio stations. The manufacturer had provided this feature through a service provider called vTuner. All of a sudden, 3 weeks ago the manufacturer decided to stop using this...
  8. F

    NSW Privately Sold Car - Refund issue

    Hey all, I bought a car 10 days ago from a private seller. 6 days (and less than 100km) after purchasing it the car broke down (gearbox) in the highway. The mechanic ask me literally the price of the car in order to replace the entire gearbox (5500 AUD). But the seller told me that the car is...
  9. N

    VIC Purchased a Used Second Hand Vehicle - Australian Consumer Law Help?

    Hello I entered in a purchase under my business name while residing in Victoria to a licensed NSW motor dealer for a 1977 Kombi transporter. The Kombi was purchased for $33,510 and would be used to drive to meet and greet clients and also for private use for kids sports and family holidays...
  10. K

    NSW Australian Consumer Law on Repairs, Replacements and Refunds?

    Hello, I need some explanation regarding Australian consumer law. I bought a smartphone (06-Dec-2017) at a Harvey Norman Store which wasn't working properly for last few months and it is completely shut down with 80% battery. I can't turn it back on now. I tried after charging it again but no...