485 visa

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Adjustment of status in the Immigration and Nationality Act (INA) of the United States refers to the legal process of conferring permanent residency upon any alien who is a refugee, asylum seeker, nonpermanent resident, conditional entrant, parolee, and so forth.

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    NSW Including My Partner to 485 Visa Application?

    Hi, I am German and I am going to apply for the Post Graduate 485 visa, and I would like to include my French partner who is in Australia. We have been together for 9 months and we've been living together for 2.5 months. We have a joint lease and bank account. What's the relationship duration...
  2. K

    VIC Is My Brother Eligible to Apply for a 485 Visa?

    Hi. My brother is working with an ABN as painter. Is he eligible to apply for a 485 visa?
  3. F

    NSW Travel on Student Visa after getting Bridging Visa A

    Dear all, I am a little confused. I have completed my Master degree so my course has been finished, I applied for temporary graduate visa (485) and hence I got the bridging visa A which is not effective as of now because my student visa is in effect until 24 sep 2015. I have planned to travel...
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    Visa Still Valid - Contact Department of Immigration?

    Dear Sir / Madam, I recently got an invitation for 189 visa on June 5 2015. Currently I hold bridging visa for 573, Masters. My 485 visa ended on May 22 2015. While lodging my 189 visa on 4th page she got an error showing that I should contact the Department of Immigration and that I have...
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    VIC Department of Immigration Court Case - University Credit for Overseas Prior Learning?

    I have read recent case about Riaz vs DIBP (Department of Immigration and Border Protection), where Federal circuit court gave decision in favour of the applicant. My question is that if some get credit prior learning overseas/ Australia, can they proceed with 485 visa applications? As from the...
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    NSW Nepal Earthquake - Can We Bring Mother to Sydney?

    I am a 485 visa holder, I am on a dependent visa. Me and my 2 sisters are in Sydney. My elder sister is in 485 visa as well, primary applicant and is planning to move to regional NSW, Dubbo. My younger sister is studying bachelor of accounting at one of the leading universities, Sydney campus...
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    SA How to Claim Compensation from Migration Agent?

    Hi, Recently my complaint on my previous migration agent has gotten a result. MARA, after 6 months of investigation, decided that the immigration agent breached the Clause 2.1 of Code of Conduct for Immigration Agents, but no further action has been taken. Then I emailed the previous agent to...