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26 July 2020
Hi everyone

I sold a vehicle privately a few weeks ago for $5000 the buyer it turns out is OCD (her admission) and has since had mechanics crawling all over it looking for issues. She had the (functioning) cracked windscreen removed and claims there is rust underneath the rubbers. I cannot attest to this nor would i be able to? She is claiming my assertions that the vehicle was rust free are therefore false and grounds for legal action. How is one supposed to see rust sealed under a windscreen and rubbers? She has been driving the vehicle for at least 2-3 weeks and now informs me that it backfired and wont start and is demanding a full refund under threat of legal action. I gave her $500 a few days after purchase when she complained that it was pensioner rego and she was going to have to pay the extra. At the time of giving her the $500 i made her sign a contract suggesting that she was doing so of her own free will and that by signing she was now freeing me of all legal, financial and moral obligations vis a vis the vehicle because frankly by that stage i had identified she was a nutter and just wanted her gone.
It appears she believes despite my generosity i am liable for what happens to this vehicle in perpetuity. I fulfilled all of my obligations did i not? She is now threatening legal action this week and demanding i respond via text.

Thanks in advance for any assistance.

Please advise where i stand and what i should do from this point.


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27 May 2014
Stop all correspondence and ignore her.

Only respond if a court claim arrives.