QLD Workplace Bullying Dispute with Manager - Unfair Dismissal?

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Ian Burton

16 July 2015
My wife went to Fair Work Australia because of a workplace bullying dispute with her manager. She has been worn down and finally agreed to look at a without prejudice separation document from the employer's solicitor. Before she had seen the document, let alone agreed and signed it, her manager with whom she was having the dispute has turned up at her place of work and got her to sign an employee leaving form which she also signed and marched her off the premises. She has still not signed the termination document provided by their solicitor.

The Fair Work Commissioner is pressuring us to Sign it immediately as are her Work. What should we do?


Well-Known Member
10 February 2015
Hi Ian,

We can't provide legal advice such as that you are asking for. I don't know the circumstances of the dispute, nor what has transpired with the FWC. All I can suggest is that if you are concerned and suspect that you are getting a bad deal in all of this, contact an employment lawyer. Some firms will represent on a no win no fee basis depending on the case or you could try to see if Legal Aid can help you out.