WA Workers Compensation - Legal to Refuse Me My Wages?

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5 August 2015
Hi there,

I have been injured at work. Slipped disc and compressed nerve. The hospital I work for make you use up all your sick leave & annual leave, which has now run out. Are they legally allowed to force me back to work by refusing to pay me any wages while they take forever to sort my workers compensation claim?

My Dr says I have no capacity for work.

Thank you.


Hi Mitzy1,
While your claim is being assessed, you are not entitled to wages from WorkCover, therefore you may use accrued leave (sick leave or annual leave) to provide you with interim financial support while your claim is being processed. If your claim is accepted, any leave you have used will be reinstated by your employer. Your employer must also pay your weekly compensation payments to you as if your were still at work, on your normal pay day and in the same way as you received your wages prior to your injury or illness. Penalties apply for employers who do not make weekly payments on the regular pay day. You can talk to WorkCover WA’s if you wish: 1300 794 744.