VIC Will Wife be Entitled to Father's Assets as Property Settlement?

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28 December 2016
Sadly, I am about to file for a divorce from my wife. I personally do not own any property or any other valuable assets at this point, however, I am wondering if she still might be able to make a claim for my my and my family's assets either now or in the future.

We lived together for 8 months in my father’s home (with my father) and we then rented a place together for another 6 months before we separated.

After we divorce, would my ex-wife be entitled to claim any assets from my father now or myself in the future when I acquire assets as property settlement?

Thank you


Well-Known Member
27 September 2015
I'm guessing you're talking about possible future inheritance? Then the answer is no.

Assuming there are no kids then because the marriage was short neither of you have a great claim on the other's assets.