QLD When Should Family Court Orders be Carried Out?

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20 November 2016
Ok great opinions in the above answers.

So, in typical ex fashion, she sends through the information in very basic format. At 1pm. She never sent through a receipt for the bond money paid. And stated that she didn't have to (so very lucky I spoke to the registrar so I already knew the answer) .

The travel insurance is once again in her name and not in the child's name and in some cheapy that actually covers less than her "complimentary credit card insurance" does. Anyways.

What I don't get is it if you paid the bond on the 29th then myself and the mother crossed paths on the 31st,1st,2nd, why wouldn't you have made mention of it? I must admit her games and lack of communication has become tiresome.

Anyway case closed for the time being.


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27 September 2015
Mate, I know it is hard...and none of the opinions today is legal. For the sake of your sanity, you've gotta pick your battles and more importantly, learn to ignore a hell of a lot of stupidity, otherwise it will make you irrational... Trust me. I know.

My ex sent me a few different kinds of crazy in the early years. I'm sure you're getting the same - No communication about the child, however, you're expected to tell her if the kid farts while in your care.

You've gotta learn to work out what to let go and what is worth the fight...