What to Do with Problem Neighbours under Property Law?

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There has been a long tension between my family, and our neighbours. They have 2 very loud dogs, and foul mouthed owners. They have just build a very tacky makeshift corrugated iron extension on top of our existing wood paling fence. It is an absolute eye sore.

Is there any legal options for us under Property Law to have them remove it? We have tried asking them politely - but they refused.

Paul Cott

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26 May 2014
Ballarat, Victoria
Hi Suzy,

Perhaps send a letter of demand to them - outline your concerns in that letter - perhaps it is unsafe? In that letter, I suggest you say remove it within say 14 days, failing which you will apply to seek an order of the court for its removal.

Also, depending on which state you are in, there may be a dispute settlement centre or similar which may be able to provide you with, or facilitate a mediation, which is usually voluntary however, for all or both parties.

Hope that helps.
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