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14 June 2017
Hi all,

So I work for a company under my father. He is my boss, and I manufacture pipes in the factory.
We have a system where by the front door all time sheets are placed, we fill them out every day, and on Tuesdays they are collected for pay on Wednesday.
Last week, I was not paid. Told it was my mistake in a time sheet. Fair enough.
Fixed up my mistake which was just my handwriting because they could not read it. So all was well.
Until yesterday.
Time sheet is done correctly, my boss even checked over it. All good to go.
But I have not been paid again.
So I am currently $1,500 out of pocket and no one has any answers for me as to why and what actions can I take to ensure I get my pay? I am still expected to work 47 hours this week with no promised pay.


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31 October 2015
Hi Michelle,
Talk to your Dad. He is your boss and your line to management and I'm sure he has your best interests at heart. If the company is having problems with paying staff, outside of simple clerical errors I'm sure your Dad knows and wouldn't have you working without pay. Legally I'm not sure there is much you can do at the moment, even the fairwork Ombudsman would say that you need to give them a reasonable time frame to rectify the issue.


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27 May 2014
First step is to raise the issue with your employer, in writing. State all relevant facts, dates, hrs worked etc and give them 7 days to fix the problem. If still not paid after this, call the fair work ombudsman and ask for help from them.

Or have an after hours discussion with your father and find out what is really happening.
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