WA Unhealthy Nail Salon Practices - Claim Compensation for Personal Injury?

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5 March 2016

I am a healthy 21-year-old female from Western Australia. Today, I returned to a local cheap Asian nail salon downtown to get my acrylic nails redone. The store is wide and open but with not much ventilation and no fans were turned on. When the owner was buffing off my old acrylic from my nails, he was not wearing a breathing mask and did not offer me one either. I tried to sit back and not let too much of the toxic acrylic dust which was flying everywhere in the air get too close to my face.

I must've breathed it in because I started to feel light headed. I started hyperventilating, everything went quiet, and I lost consciousness in the chair. I awoke about a minute later to the girl next to me holding my hand asking if I was okay. I was having trouble responding and so she called an ambulance which took me to hospital.

The staff at the salon did not seem at all remorseful, in fact, the man who had been doing my nails then quickly took a walk-in appointment while I waited for the ambulance. I am not asthmatic and so, this is not from a pre-existing condition. The salon is cash only which, I'm sure, is to skip taxes. Also, the time before this, I visited the owner was not wearing any shoes under the table (he had slipped his sandals off) and I thought it seemed quite unhygienic and bad work practices.

I am wondering, is there anything that can be done?

I am very upset by the incident. I am not happy that I have to pay an ambulance bill, and I feel I deserve some sort of personal injury compensation. Does anybody have any opinions on this?


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27 May 2014
Unless the hospital can say what happened it is unlikely.


If your only lasting damage is the ambulance fee, I think the cost of legal proceedings would outweigh their benefit. I would try writing a letter of demand for the cost of the ambulance fee to the salon and see if they pay it, if not I don't think its really worth pursuing.