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Unfair (or disloyal) competition in commercial law is a deceptive business practice that causes economic harm to other businesses or to consumers. It includes a number of areas of law involving acts by one competitor or group of competitors which harm another in the field, and which may give rise to criminal offenses and civil causes of action.

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  1. E

    NSW Unfair dismissal and lawyers

    I was recently dismissed from my full time job which I held for two years. The reason given was "a downturn in business, affecting cashflow". I was given no notice or any indication that the business was having financial issues. I have had a consultation with a lawyer who said I have a case and...
  2. D

    NSW What do I do if a court of appeal has been unfair and biased?

    What do I do now, after a court of appeals, whereby, there was a malicious prosecution and a wrongful use of court proceedings ?
  3. O

    NSW reasonable negotiation

    I was a shareholder in a company that was on the rocks around covid. it limped along. The staff, most 5-10 years with the business, wanted it to continue. Before it went bust the trading name lapsed & I registered it & the sole director signed over the phone number & website to me and authorised...
  4. Papakula

    WA Unfair Treatment by Car Rental Company: Undisclosed Fee, Contract Evasion, and Coercive Tactics

    Description: I recently had an unpleasant encounter with a car rental company in Northern Suburb in Perth that involved a series of unfair practices, leaving me feeling frustrated and taken advantage of. The story unfolds as follows: The issue began when the car rental company attempted to...
  5. G

    VIC Unfair dismissal / redundancy

    Hi, There's a reasonable amount of background to this, but essentially it boils down to this. I believe I have most likely been dismissed via redundancy because I had been pursuing a flexible working arrangement that my employer did not want to provide. I had been working for my employer in...
  6. L

    Unfair dismissal financial compensation

    Hi all, I would like thoughts on this please. I was made redundant- the process of being told was handled poorly. But there was no consultation process required as I was not on an award or enterprise agreement. There were obvious redeployment opportunities at the time but I was not offered...
  7. P

    Unfair private parking fine

    So my parents received a 'fine' from PES for parking over time even though it hadn't been one hour yet (the time limit they have). The time/clock on the one of their ticket machines was a few minutes late (and after recently checking the machine recently, this difference has further increased)...
  8. A

    QLD Unfair Dismissal and Sketchy Business Practices

    Hi everyone, I’m fairly new to the platform. I’ve recently been fired through a Facebook message (unprofessional, I know) and I’d like to know if I have a leg to stand on in regards to an unfair dismissal case over workplace discrimination. All in the hospitality industry. A bit of background...
  9. X

    QLD Unfair dismissal?

    Hi guys hoping you can give me some advice A friend of mine was dismissed due to a harassment claim against them. But I’m not 100% sure that their actions would be deemed harassment. Should they proceed with legal action or just take it on the chin! The version of events is that they made a...
  10. davemm

    SA genuine redundancy or unfair dismissal

    I did an online induction (middle of the week) to attend a worksite next following week. By the end of the week (induction week) i was made redundant due to unavailable work load required. also stated that they didnt win the project. due to union investigation they lied about not winning the...