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QLD Threatened with Assault by Landlord's Family - What to Do?

Discussion in 'Criminal Law Forum' started by Ray Simmons, 12 November 2015.

  1. Ray Simmons

    Ray Simmons Member

    12 November 2015
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    I rented a room advertised by a family, a single mother with an adult son and 2 school aged daughters. After a few months, the landlord's estranged husband evicted me and gave me an hour to get my belongings out.

    I asked if I could return on the upcoming weekend to collect my larger possessions, a bed and a very large tool chest etc., as I had nowhere to go and no way of transporting them. He agreed on the provision that I call him and only him at a certain time. He is a very, very big and intimidating man and he did all of the above in an intimidating manner.

    As I was leaving, his son who is as big, physically threatened to assault me. I'm to afraid to go back and get my possessions and my tools are my tools of trade which makes it almost impossible to work.

    What should I do under Criminal Law?
  2. Sophea

    Sophea Guest

    Hi Ray,

    The crime of assault includes threats to physically harm another person. Perhaps you could call the police and ask the police to escort you to the house to collect your things?

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