NSW Termination pay for someone who's taxed as casual but is actually full-time?

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10 June 2017
Hey everyone,

So my boss (private company) has been taxing me and reporting as a casual for almost 10 years even though I work full time. This month, management has decided to overhaul majority of the staff. As a result, a lot of people were expecting termination pay but they have only offered us ~4k as termination pay despite our long years of service. This was calculated as from the long service leave calculator. Is there anything I can do in this scenario to bring legal to this? I know both sides are wrong in this situation but is there anything I can do to bring legal in this so I receive my rightful termination pay?


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31 October 2015
If you have knowingly been a party to false tax reporting and you raise / report this then you will most likely go down as well. I'm not suggesting you do nothing, just be careful. Your employer is obviously very devious and by making those involved a party to the deception there is very little you can do without being drawn into it.