QLD Suing Doctor for Medical Negligence?

Discussion in 'Personal Injury Law Forum' started by John Harper, 29 October 2018.

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    28 October 2018
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    Hi members,

    I'm looking to sue a doctor for medical negligence. He told me that he suspected I had a detached retina (flashing lights, sudden floaters, loss of distance vision) but didn't have a ophthalmoscope (it was an Australian offshore site). He told me to see him again if it got worse, and didn't make an entry in my medical case file - why the omission, I don't know - but I strongly suspect he just didn't care...(hard to believe for a medical doctor I know)

    14 days later it got worse (near vision vanished). I saw him again and he panicked (swearing "s**t" under his breath) because he knew he should have sent me to the eye clinic 2 weeks earlier.
    I was sent to Brisbane the next day, but it was a full muscular detachment by then, and now the vision in the eye is all but lost.

    He fabricated the facts in my case notes by pretending I'd only seen him once (on the 2nd occasion). I'm pretty sure I can prove he saw me on both occasions and that he tried to cover up his error - he deliberately lied by omission.

    1. Can anybody please recommend a lawyer in Brisbane who can help me win this case?

    2. I've been reading that "No win, no fee" lawyers can often settle for less, as long as their costs are covered and the claimant manages to get a bit of compensation - would this be true?

    3. I'm looking for the best lawyer to pin this deceptive individual, not necessarily the cheapest lawyer.

    4. I would pass a polygraph test proving he saw me two weeks apart. He wouldn't dare sit one. Is this type of evidence admissible in a medical negligence case?

    Any help or recommendations would be very much appreciated. Thank you kindly. Best regards,
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    1. I would avoid any of the big national law firms.
    2. Most lawyers practising in this area offer no-win, no-fee so that itself isn't indicative of quality.
    3. I would, of course, suggest myself but if that seems to be a biased view I would suggest Travis Schultz Law.

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