VIC Spouse maintenance and prenup

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17 May 2017
Hey guys i am really panicking at the moment
Scenario is as follows
I am aus citizen got married in india. Things are not working out so both of us want to separate with mutual consent
We don't have any kids
No assets as we are renting
Do i have to pay spouse maintenance after I get separated? What If my spouse agrees that she don't want any maintenance?
As such I don't have any assets, a 2000 $car, no house, only thing is my superannuation
Again my wife agrees that thingd are not working out, she is happy to separate ways without asking any money from Me?
Is this actually possible? Will the court agree to no spouse maintenance and no assets separation as I don't have any.
The spouse understands my hardship and is happy to leave without any cash


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27 May 2014