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19 May 2020
so the other night i was gassing it and noticed a cop stinger like 20 meters from it, the headlights were on and it was parked in the middle of the lanes. i was well over and the cop didnt do anything at all and so i was wondering what the deal is. do these stingers have cameras? am i getting a fine in the mail or am i lucky?


Well-Known Member
27 September 2015
You got lucky. (maybe). If copper didn't get a good shot with the radar he didn't get you. Basically, if there was something else that got in the way. (maybe). My understanding is the police radar cars will pull you up if they get you. (Maybe). Why maybe? Well I want you to walk to the letter box every day for the next 3 weeks to check in case im wrong, while you're walking why don't you spend some time thinking about what the other pedal is for. MAYBE you should use it a bit more often.