NSW Speeding Fines - What to Do for Appeal under Traffic Law?

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27 October 2015
I got speeding fine from a roadside breath test highway patrol for estimated speeding. When pulled over and asked why I was speeding, I said I didn't think I was. I was driving a truck which is quite a load and approaching a sharp bend in a 50km zone, coming out of a 100km zone. I checked my speed just as I was entering the zone and was at 55km/h and slowing to take the bend.

The arrogant police officer had 30m of vision of me before I took on the bend. Also, he accused me of travelling through town that morning and I should have known it was a 50km zone. We actually passed through the morning before but I was the passenger. He said it must have been a truck like ours. That's besides the point, I saw the signs and acted accordingly.

He packed up his area after we left. I'm thinking he was low on revenue for the day and took the opportunity to nab me. Feel cheated as I do obey the road rules and I wasn't speeding.

Any suggestions on what I can say to appeal this under Traffic Law?


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16 April 2015
Get yourself some legal advice straight away.....and plead not guilty. Make notes of the conversation also.
This "estimated speed" thing is a grey area. Most cops are wise enough not to try it. Without some form of electronic device, he's wrong-footed the case straight away, but you should speak with a legal practitioner who specialises in traffic cases.

Let us know how you go.
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