NSW Speeding Fines - Request Leniency from SDRO?

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21 October 2016

I received two speeding fines on consecutive days at the same location. I have asked SDRO for leniency, but they have denied my request. Is it worth fighting in court?

I wish to plead guilty to the two charges, but ask for leniency with regards to the fines and demerit points, and even ask if some other form of punishment would be considered, such as community service work, or a traffic course. I am in quite a lot of financial trouble at the moment due to a recent illness and my driving record is essential for my employment.

I am a truck driver who hasn't travelled this particular section of road in Sydney for quite some time, as my usual run for the past few years has been to Coffs Harbour and back. The speed limit for heavy vehicles was reduced to 40km/h for this area in Sydney. The normal traffic speed in this area is 70km/h. I believe the signage for the reduced heavy vehicle speed limit is inadequate. The first day I was doing 53km/h, and the second day 55km/h.

I hope someone here can give me some help on where I can go from here with regards to these infringement notices.


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27 May 2014
Is it worth fighting in court?

Only you can answer this question. If signage is inadequate and you have a good record, then you stand a reasonable chance of getting off or a reduction in the fine.

If you intend taking these fines to court get photos of the signs now in case they change the signs.