WA Small business owner steals from customers and employees.

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Josey Johnson

Active Member
7 January 2020
A small business owner has finished the liquidation process, still owing money to a Superannuation Fund and a Govt. Agency, etc.
I was one of his customers ( This was a Removals and Storage Company ) I paid him a total of $5,000 to look adter my belongings, which I told him were mainly new items, for my latest little abode, as I'd taken out a Mortgage on a small unit, I had moved-in and was slowly renevating it, while I worked Part-Time as a Registered Nurse
. I paid him monthly, in cash and as time progressed, we talked about many subjects, including the illnesses I was born with and how they are worstening, as I am ageing ( I am 64 now ) Anyway, he told me I didn't have to pay anymore money and my belongings would stay in his big warehouse until I was ready. I was very relieved by this and had the opinion that he was a very nice man !!
The next thing I heared, was from the Manager of an Oportunity Shop, who had received a box of my belongings, (which he obviously didn't want) and the Manager said she had found my contact details on some paperwork at the bottom of the box and sensed that something was wrong with this. Obviously I went to the Storeage Facility, to find it had closed-down. Eventually, I found that this 'nice man' was nearing the end of his liquidation process, while still owing money to various people and organisations and I was told it was pointless to join the queue, when there is no money left.
However, I don't understand how someone can steal from many people, on more than one occassion and not have to go to Court and to Prison. Therefore, Q. I wish to know, am I allowed to take him to the Small Claims Court ? Also, I am unable to find his current address.
I have also discovered that he continued to trade while his Liquidation was in progress AND, on a previous occassion while his Business was being Liquidated too. I really need your advice with this as no-one else seems to care. Many thanks, in anticipation.