QLD Should I be paid overtime based on these conditions?

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12 June 2022
i am still relatively new to my job so I’m not fully up to speed with cleaning responsibilities. one of my managers asked me to complete a number of jobs that I usually don’t because I can’t finish on time if I do them. I brought this up with her while completing these other tasks and she said not to worry about it. i usually have to work a few minutes overtime to finish these jobs but this set me back another 25 minutes. when it got to 15 minutes past when I was supposed to finish, she said I had to continue to complete my jobs but wanted me to clock out and continue to work unpaid because I should have finished them already. In my opinion, there’s no way I could have finished these jobs in time, and I left 45 minutes past when I was supposed to. I’ve been paid for overtime in the past, which has usually only been 15-20 minutes. Is this legal?