VIC Sexual Deviant Ex Partner - Any Legal Recourse under Australian Law?

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10 September 2014
I have finally got away from my ex, I moved away 6 weeks ago. His sexual behaviour and drinking was terrible.
I endured finding naked photos of his ex wife that he framed, his pornographic addiction, wanting naked pics of me etc, the final straw was going back to his house to give him back some of his property, he lives above his workshop it's just a bedroom.

It looked like he was in his bed, looked like some one was in there? I went over touched the mound, and pulled back the cover to find a torso of a woman's body but no head legs or arms, just boobs and well u know the rest, (sex toy) to my horror he had photos of me blown up and his ex wife, but the worst was a pic of my daughter when she was 16 (not his daughter). he had gotten a hold of that photo somehow, don't know, cropped it and just had blow up of her lingerie was also there.

I am disgusted and traumatised that he used my daughter for his sexual deviance behaviour. It has traumatised me, is there anything legally I can do under Australian law?


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23 July 2014
I guess you could try cutting contact?

Unfortunately, none of the behaviour you've described is really breaking any laws. You could speak to the police about filing a complaint regarding the photos of your daughter, but I can't say with any certainty what it would amount to. Still, if it will put your mind at ease, it will be worthwhile speaking to them about your options.

Overall though, this is a matter of emotional discomfort, not legal disputation, and courts aren't really interested in entertaining complaints that are basically just one person not liking the actions of another.

I'm sorry this happened to you. What a terrible thing to uncover about someone you used to care for. :(