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    VIC Australian Law - Getting Wife's Lover to Delete Sexual Videos?

    Hi. My wife had an affair a while ago with a guy who is also married with a child. She ended the affair and we are trying to work things out along with a therapist. The guy's wife has no idea of the whole thing and the therapist has advised us against disclosing the matter voluntarily to her...
  2. B

    NSW Are Police Allowed to Access GoPro Camera Content?

    Hi My son was stopped for speeding on his motorcycle - 45kms over the limit and was wearing a GoPro camera on his helmet. It was filming when he was pulled over. My question is, are the police allowed to view and remove the filmed information on the camera without his consent, as they have...
  3. J

    WA Can I Use a GoPro Whilst Driving?

    The traffic law around taking pictures and videos refers to Mobile Phones, but it doesn't specifically cover using devices like a GoPro, etc. Can I use a GoPro to take video or pictures whilst driving?