QLD School Suspension for Alleged Drugs Incident

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5 March 2015
My daughter was suspended from school today for passing on cannabis from one person to another out of school hours and off school grounds. She was not caught doing this or anything else to do with drugs, but openly admitted partaking in this during an interview through the school. Can she be suspended for something out of school time and off grounds, that she wasn't actually caught doing?

Tracy B

Well-Known Member
24 December 2014
Hi mim,

1. What was the interview about? Who was conducting the interview?

2. Schools are generally allowed to suspend students where the school considers it in the best interests of the school/community or student to do so. The school may have suspended the child on the basis of inappropriate behaviour, bad character etc. Further, the school might have a policy regarding drugs. You should ask the school for a copy of its policy regarding (i) suspension/expulsion and (ii) drugs.

3. You can contact the Queensland Department of Education for further information on regulations of school codes and policies. You can also lodge a complaint against the decision with the Department. However, before lodging through the Department, I would suggest asking the school about their internal dispute process first.