NSW Right of footway

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24 August 2020
Hi everyone I need some help . I own a house next to it is driveway the driveway belongs to my neighbour he owns the title of the land and on the and of the driveway he has garage which is at the back of my property me and 5 more properties we have the right of footway variable width. Some of us we always use the right of footway to go int our backyard of our property the neighbour now wants to develop this land build Something bigger something like granny flat not exactly sure the details yet . The driveway is variable width from 2.5 mitres some places over 3 mitres from what we understand he wants to develop the top part of the driveway close to the garage .Can he develop the land because we have right of footway on our titles and if yes how much footway he has to leave us thanks any help will be appreciated