QLD Restricted Drivers Licence for Six Months - Get Lesser Disqualification Period?

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22 October 2015
So to make a long story short I blew over the limit but it was a low reading. I went to the magistrates court and adjourned the case for a month later so I can get my work licence paperwork in order. I appeared in court yesterday and I was granted an order to use restricted drivers licence for work purposes for 6 months. I can drive from 6am – 8pm Monday to Sunday for work purposes.

At the time I was aware of the licence being disqualified for a min of 1 month and was a bit overwhelmed with the 6 month disqualification as my wife is pregnant and due at the end of January. Is there any way I can cancel or surrender the order for my restricted work licence to get a lesser disqualification period? I still have the order of conviction and have not yet submitted it at transport to get my restricted licence. My concern is if any complications occur from around December to the birth and afterwards as well as what if my wife gets a C-section and will not be able to drive how would she be able to attend appointments with the baby and for herself as I live out of town with no access to public transport.

I should have asked all of this while I was in court but I was overwhelmed with all the information. Any information, guidance and help on this would be greatly appreciated. Thank you


In some cases you can get a special hardship order which enables you to drive for specific purposes, but that may be what you already have for your work license. I'm not sure whether you can go back to the court and ask for something else.