VIC Resolving Dispute with Time for Prints Photographer

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11 August 2014
I am looking for a bit of advice on TFP (time for prints) shoots. I held a TFP shoot the other day (as a new online boutique owner-website not live yet) and not only was it a day out my time but also two models and MUA (make up artist) also. On top of the actual shoot day there was all the planning that went into it. Some of the clothing I provided for it was destroyed in make up, etc and can no longer be sold.

The photographer was very put out that I (who was holding the shoot in my own home) took charge and gave clear objectives for the shoot. I did so in the nicest way possible and was not rude in any way. During the shoot the photographer ( who was quite keen on the models) was talking about the images he was going to edit for them etc etc.. After the shoot I told him I was happy for him to provide the girls with images (outside the images i selected for the website) but asked that he do the website images first -because I'm under pressure from web developer to get images back for the site .

He was very put out by this and refused to edit the images for me as a result. He has since put up a number of photos from the shoot on Facebook (beauty style pictures that are unusable for the website) and I feel I am the only one who has gained nothing from all the work I've put in for the shoot.

Is there anything under Australian Consumer Law that I can do about this?
Please help ….

winston wolf

Well-Known Member
21 April 2014
I don't think you should look for a legal remedy to this. By the time you went to small claims court you would just loose more time etc.
Sounds like a clash of personalities and a general miss understanding of what each party expected from the TFP session.

Put it down to experience (Bad).
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