QLD Resigning from Employment - When to Give 1 Week's Notice?

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New Member
19 December 2014
Hi. I have taken stress leave (sick leave) from work for one week. I don't intend on going back to work. When is the best time to hand in my notice? I have to give one week's notice. Can I give my notice on the last day of work, therefore, I don't need to start back with the firm in new year? Or I was thinking of taking up the stat days and giving notice when we start back at work on the 12th. Can I give notice a week before the office opens on the 12th of January?


Sarah J

Well-Known Member
16 July 2014
Melbourne, Victoria
It is really up to you when the best time to give notice is. However, you will need to give notice 1 week prior to you actually departing from the job. This means, you are obligated to continue working for the 1 week notice period and you will be paid for this week. If your employment contract allows you to make "payment in lieu of notice" then you can ask for your employer to deduct that week's worth of wages from your entitlement and you can depart when you hand in notice (i.e. don't have to work the extra week). In this case, you will need to make the election according to your employment contract or employee handbook/policy.