WA Relocation Interstate - Custody of Child

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4 October 2014
Hi I have a 5 month old son. I have no court proceedings in order. I am currently in WA however looking to move to QLD. My ex does not wish to have a set parenting plan (custody of children) because it doesn't fit his schedule.

All my family is over in QLD. I have no family or support over here (WA). How can I move so I can have the support I need for me and my son.

P.S. Keep in mind my son is only 5 months and his father has trouble looking after him by himself and needs his mother's help. If his mother is not available then he can't look after bub, which is making things very difficult for me because they are the only support I have. I need to go back to QLD where all my support is.

Sarah J

Well-Known Member
16 July 2014
Melbourne, Victoria
Hi Renee,

What kind of support are you seeking from the father? Is it financial support or emotional/guardianship support? Further, would you wish for the father to be kept in the loop about your child (e.g. medical visits, major milestones etc).

Are you happy to enter into a written agreement with the father? It does not have to specify set dates for visits. It would be as detailed and specific or general and broad as you and your ex wishes.

I would suggest negotiating the your ex about financial support (how much, how frequently paid, by what methods), guardianship support (it could be as broad as the father is to be notified to important information and events regarding the child, including but not limited to medical visits, health issues, education (later on) etc), minimum visitation and/or contact (Skype, personally flying over to WA or QLD, how frequently and for how long each visit). There should also be a way to amend the agreement, say due to financial hardship or work schedule or other reasons, such as notice with full justification term.