NSW Rejection of Evidence in Family Court - Continue with Affidavit?

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21 November 2014
Hi All,

I have my first date in Family court Tuesday next week in front of a Registrar. No papers have been filed in reply to my affidavit which was served over a month ago.

I understand as this first date is for an Application in a case that there is 2 days allowance for filing before the date but I also understand that the reply should have been within 14 days of service. This raises many questions for me as I have waited almost 9 months for this date and don't want any delays in being heard.

What happens if the affidavit is filed after the 2 day limit? If I reject the evidence on that ground, will the Registrar continue on my affidavit alone? Can the Registrar still accept the evidence after my rejection? If so, how long am I given to read over the reply (10 minutes, 1 hour)?

Thanking you in advance