Redundancy - Extension to Find New Role?

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Arty B

21 July 2014
Redundancy - My role was made redundant and my employer gave me 6 weeks to find a new role. I hadn't found a role, so HR extended by 3 weeks. Can they keep extending?


Dear Arty B,

The amount of redundancy pay your employer pays you is based on how many years you have been continuously employed for with them (this does this does not include unpaid leave.) If you're covered by a registered agreement, you should check the terms of your agreement for information about how much redundancy needs to be paid out and other entitlements. To find a registered agreement, go to the Fair Work Commission website . You can go to for more information.

Your employer only needs to pay the redundancy that you are entitled to. You have no right per se, to continuously extend your redundancy until you find a job. I imagine your employer has only extended it a further 3 weeks out of the goodness of their heart, they are likely under no obligation to do this.