QLD Property Settlement - Chances of Disputing Property Valuations Successfully?

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13 March 2016
I am currently going through property settlement with my ex-partner.

The main asset is a rural property where we lived with a house. This has been valued at significantly lower than estimated (200,000-300,000 lower) than by either myself or the other party. The valuation was done by a professional valuer.

My lawyer has asked if I want to dispute the valuation. I would like to, but I really cannot afford the legal fees, especially if the valuation doesn't change.

There have also been other issues with valuation (dismantled machinery and missing items), and they are accumulating to make a significant impact on the settlement.

What is the likelihood that I can dispute the valuation successfully?


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27 May 2014
Close to none unless you get at least one more, preferably 2, valuations by professional valuers.

Other option is to sell the property and let the market dictate the price.

If you live in a rural area near mining I expect the property to have dropped in value if the mine was at risk of closing.