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VIC Property Law - Someone Built House on My Property - Where to Go?

Discussion in 'Property Law Forum' started by Hairy Rosdi, 24 March 2016.

  1. Hairy Rosdi

    Hairy Rosdi Member

    24 March 2016
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    I have a property in Victoria. Neither me nor my wife have sold it but have talked to someone regarding it.

    I am in trouble now as someone has built a house on top of the land I own. I want to know where I need to go to get legal property law help. I need to know if I can shoo them away out of the property.

  2. Sophea

    Sophea Guest

    Has the person occupied the property for any length of time? Adverse possession is a legal principle that enables the occupier of a piece of land to obtain ownership if uninterrupted and exclusive possession of the land for at least 15 years can be proven.

    If not, is it an encroachment issue from a neighbour? Or has some one just turned up and built a structure on your land?

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