WA Property Law - How to Get Property and Money Back?

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6 October 2015
I have been living in a house I thought the guy had private lease. Turns out there was no lease or agreement with the property owner. He was never even supposed to be there. He was charging us rent but was just pocketing the money.

The property owner then can came and changed the locks while I was at work and will not let me back into the property to get my belongings which include my passport and drivers licence. I was unaware of any details of what this guy was doing. Do you have any tips on how to get my stuff back as soon as possible under Property Law as it's been there since Friday? Also how can I get my money back from this guy? Can I sue him?


Well-Known Member
11 October 2015
Hi Rikki,

What a difficult situation!

My understanding is that you should be entitled to your belongings - especially your passport and drivers licence. Could you formally approach the property owner requesting your property?

In regards to getting your money back from the guy pocketing the rent - I think this may be more difficult. It would depend on what type of agreement or contract you had entered into with him.

My suggestion would be to get in contact with Consumer Affairs Victoria, A community legal aid centre or even obtaining personal advice from a lawyer. Refer to this link for a lawyer: Get Connected with the Right Lawyer for You