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NSW Property Law - How Do I Prove Ownership of Pushbike?

Discussion in 'Property Law Forum' started by beebar, 20 November 2015.

  1. beebar

    beebar Member

    20 November 2015
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    I was recently pulled over whilst riding my pushbike. They searched me and did a numbers checks on the bike which came back as not stolen, which I already knew as they had previously done a check 5 weeks earlier.

    This time, they took it and said they were sending it to forensics for further testing. I know the bike is legit, but I don't have the sales receipt to prove as it was bought for me as a gift for my birthday. I asked the person who gave me the gift if they still have it, but they told me they had purchased it at a trash and treasure markets.

    My question is, how can I prove ownership without the receipt under Property Law?
  2. Sophea

    Sophea Well-Known Member

    16 April 2014
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    Perhaps statutory declarations by you and the person who gave you the bike as a gift.
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