ACT Probate Granted...and now I'm worried

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    16 October 2018
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    Hi All,
    My late mother's estate was granted probate this week. For us (four beneficiaries), we have it pretty 'simple' - no property or shares, just cash and few debts and expenses

    My youngest brother was named on the application for probate to be granted to him, as the three remaining siblings (all named executors and sole beneficiaries) thought it would be easier to have one person who still resides in the ACT.

    My late mother was in a toxic relationship with a man who developed a fondness for our younger brother.
    I do understand that because the will was quite specific (everything to us four children) and probate was granted on this, but what are the ramifications for my brother should he not follow the orders of the will? Like, if he gives him cash out of our distribution?

    Also, as per my last post, my brother (another one) and I have paid expenses which form part of the estate. The final statement was sent to the estate solicitor prior to probate being granted. When I ask about the payment and if she needs our details for reimbursement, she does not answer the question. She also avoids the costs and WIP statement requests. The costs were also left out of the expenses of the estate when submitted to the court. Any ideas what I should do? The storage costs have added up and to have these paid before anything would be a godsend.

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