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  1. C

    NSW Legal rights re puppy health expenses

    Hi, I recently purchased a puppy from a NSW registered breeder at the end of May 2020. The pup is now around 5 months old. I’ve recently learnt of a jaw overbite issue that is likely to result in surgical cost to remedy and may potentially have ongoing increased costs associated with the...
  2. K

    NSW Expenses against estate

    I have posted innumerable requests to the executor for compensation regarding costs and personal labour for the upkeep of my mother's deceased estate. It looks looks I'll need to engage a lawyer to at least send a formal letter of request, and maybe later court action. I'm guessing that the...
  3. Joosh

    NSW Funeral expense / Settlement of estate

    Can an estate/will be settled without the person funeral expenses being paid? My Mother passed away 2 years ago in which my Sister was the sole Executrix of the estate. She paid for our Mothers funeral & said to the beneficiaries that she would take out the cost of funeral expense before...
  4. Joosh

    Settling an estate & funeral expenses

    Can an estate/will be settled without the funeral expense Being deducted from the estate? My sister was the sole executive of my mothers estate and paid for the funeral out of her own pocket and said to each of the beneficiaries that she would take out the funeral expense when she settled the...
  5. R

    VIC Can I make my ex pay medical expenses?

    My ex and I separated shortly after I fell pregnant a few years ago. He had very limited contact with our daughter as a baby and then told me never to contact him again so she has not seen him since, but we have reached out a number of times. He now has another family and will not reply to my...
  6. R

    VIC Expenses management advice

    Hello, My father passed away on Tuesday. As yet the lawyer hasn't got back to me. When bills come in regarding the deceased, can these paid by me, the executor, out of his account, and any other incidental expenses related to him? I don't have a lot of cash on me to cover expenses in the...
  7. M

    NSW Terms of the will and paying expenses for property

    I am co-executor for my fathers will with 10 beneficiaries. The house is to be left for children who wish to live in the house for 8 years and then sold. The children who live in the home shall keep the home insured and pay rates,taxes levied on the home and shall keep it in good repair. 2 of...
  8. K

    Remove Joint Executor and House Expenses

    I am a joint executor with my sibling in Victoria. Probate was granted in January 2018. She has refused to give instructions to our joint probate solicitor to complete the paperwork to have the house and car signed over to me according to our father’s Will. The requests have been made by my...
  9. M

    ACT Probate Granted...and now I'm worried

    Hi All, My late mother's estate was granted probate this week. For us (four beneficiaries), we have it pretty 'simple' - no property or shares, just cash and few debts and expenses My youngest brother was named on the application for probate to be granted to him, as the three remaining...
  10. J

    WA Executor not paying out excess contingency expenses

    My sister in law was executor of my father in law's will after having power of attorney for approx 3 years prior to his death. The beneficiaries were his 3 children, including my husband and the executor. My father in law died April 2012 and distribution was finally made in June 2014 due to my...