VIC Phone call for directions hearing, what the

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30 March 2021
Hi all looking for advise again

I appeared at court for a directions hearing in regards to an extension to an intervention order against me, it was via a phone call with the webex system there using in VIC due to corona.
When i answered call, the matter had already started, i head the other parties and magistrate talking for about 5 mins then the call ended.
I wasn't asked any questions i wasn't even spoken to.

I recall hearing risk assessment, so im guessing that will be in the order. And this makes no sense, one of these was done already over 2 years ago. And the allegations are over 2 years old with no new ones.
Also throughout this whole matter ive had strong support from legal aid, they've even offered support for this to go to a contest mention, and to provide a lawyer to do any cross examinations.

Shouldn't i have like a right to agree or disagree with the order?
Can i have this same matter heard again or have it relisted?