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Deb Em

2 April 2022
After nearly 13 years of putting up with a abusive neighbour and slander, Id like to look at perusing damage. My son has Autism with cognitive delays/regulating emotions so his exposure to this nonsense for so long has taken its toll, my other son is depressed, socially anxious and I myself have declined in mental health. Currently have a P&G order on her but she now is slandering us to others, not just comments of offense actual statements that are hugely impacting our characters. I'm trying to get help financially y with a Notice of Concern which is $1650.00 which has to be lodged first before moving on to the personal injury claim. I have kept diaries, QP cards, I have letters of all our experiences and stress having to deal with this person to which the real estate is aware of her but wont breech her behaviour or address it as I was told by them that the owner wont allow it to happen so this neighbour keeps on doing what she does. we are unable to move. She is renter, we arnt. Any Lawyers that are CLLAS with a No Win No Fee clause to help me with this?