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NSW Pay Cuts and Voluntary Redundancy?

Discussion in 'Employment Law Forum' started by David1974, 1 June 2015.

  1. David1974

    David1974 Member

    1 June 2015
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    Hi there,

    I was recently asked by my employer to take a 33% pay cut due to a slowdown in my workload. I was given a formal letter stating my salary adjustment due to a slowing of my workload etc. I refused but then put my hand up for voluntary redundancy. My employer refused telling me that they would find work for me to do.

    I have since put in my resignation, but am wondering if I am within my right to receive a redundancy package of some sort under employment law?

  2. Ivy

    Ivy Well-Known Member

    10 February 2015
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    Hi David,

    Firstly, does your enterprise agreement, contract or award allow for pay adjustments such as the type that your employer tried to force upon you?
    Secondly, a redundancy is when a position will no longer be filled by anyone. Will someone be hired after you leave? If no one will be hired to take your place, then yes you may be entitled to redundancy pay.

    I suggest you call the Fair Work Ombudsman and talk to them about the fact that you're pay was reduced (which is effectively a demotion) and that the possibility of being entitled to redundancy pay. Contact us - Fair Work Ombudsman
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