NSW Parking Fines During on Public Holidays - Opinion Under Traffic Law?

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19 January 2016
About 12.10pm on 28/12/2015, I parked my sedan in a 1/4 hour parking zone with the parking sign saying, 1/4 P Mon - Fri 7am - 3pm, Taxi Zone at other times. I returned to my sedan to find that I had received an infringement notice at 12.13pm, well within the 1/4 hour parking.

I asked the SDRO for a review indicating that I was correctly parked at the time of the alleged offence. It was a Monday, albeit, a public holiday. There was nothing on the sign that suggested the parking was not allowed on a public holiday.

I have just received a reply from the SDRO stating that the review was considered and the penalty for the parking fines still applies. The letter further says, `As the 1/4 P parking sign at the location where the offence occurred does not indicate the restriction applies on Public Holidays, the Taxi Zone restrictions were in effect at the time of the offence.'

I would submit the wording is contradictory, does not indicate the restriction applies on Public Holidays! I am dumbfounded.

What is your Traffic Law opinion?


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10 February 2015
Parking restrictions on public holidays don't apply to signs which have days written on same, so the 1/4 hr wouldn't be in effect, which would then default to the Taxi Zone sign, as the Taxi Zone sign has no days noted on it it would apply on a public holiday. I agree the signage is confusing.


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27 May 2014
Technically sounds like you are in the wrong, however, you can take it to court and you may win due to the misleading nature of the sign. Probably takes 2 trips to court though. If you get a good magistrate on a good day, you may be found guilty with no conviction and no fine (he may consider sitting in the court room for 2 half days enough punishment).

Else pay up.