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1 July 2014
My ex and I have agreements in the family law court advising our time spent with children etc.

I have been advised by several family members and friends that he is doing FIFO and will not be with the children the whole time that he is meant to.

Do I have to let them go??


Well-Known Member
8 April 2014
G'day Shimmer,
What does your family court agreement say about your ex's time with your children? If he's not going to actually spend time with the children, then perhaps you could say that that's not in the best interests of the children and they should spend time with him when he's actually there to spend time with them.

Which state/territory are you in? What type of family court order/agreement do you have in place? (Do you actually have Consent Orders or a Parenting Order?)
If his FIFO work arrangement is new since you got the family court consent orders / parenting order, then you might be able to apply to change your orders as there is a significant change in circumstances since the order. Check out these LawAnswers Family Law Forum posts with information about changing orders and complying with orders about children: