NSW Paid Deposit for Car Motor but Seller Non-Responsive

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9 July 2014
Quick question.

I made a deposit of $600 for a $1200 Motor out of a Mitsubishi 380 5 weeks ago, But the seller has been non responsive for 3 weeks.

I have sent a message every 2 - 3 days without response and requested my deposit back, No response has been received. I've even said Keep $100 and just give $500 of the $600 back and we'll call it even; no response.

Is there any thing I can do, as the seller was a good friend who I thought I could trust and have bought stuff off previously without any issues?

I know the police can't do any thing, but I don't want to lose $600, especially when I get the Carers pension. So $600 is 80% of a fortnightly pension,

Is there any thing I can do under Australian Consumer Law?

John R

Well-Known Member
14 April 2014
Hi @threepointeight,
Given the circumstances, you may consider sending a "Letter of Demand" to the seller to demand return of your deposit.
Which state/territory are you located in?
9 July 2014
I'm in NSW On the NSW Mid north coast while there in Sydney, so it makes it a bit harder.

I've also been keeping a log of email, texts and phone calls I've sent / made, just to have that there if needed.

But I may just do that letter of demand if he doesn't respond by weeks end

Many thanks