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NSW Orders Requesting Directions Hearing at Family Law Court

Discussion in 'Family Law Forum' started by RachelT, 16 September 2015.

  1. RachelT

    RachelT Member

    15 September 2015
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    Just looking for some help as to orders that I should request a directions hearing next week at Family Law Court. This is a Property directions hearing after failing to formalise an agreement after conciliation. I would like to move straight to a final hearing, however will an interim be granted instead or what other orders can I request? The other side refuses to engage and sign papers.

    Any guidance would be beneficial.
  2. Victoria S

    Victoria S Well-Known Member

    9 April 2014
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    It sounds like you might get interim orders - perhaps double check with the family court registry about the correct form/application to file. I can see that there are forms for an initiating application for final orders: Court Fees (Family Law) - Family Court of Australia

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