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19 September 2020

I had asked my next door neighbour to keep her kids out of my front yard and my drive way and her reply to me was what did they do and I replied I don’t want to run them over it’s about keeping everyone safe. So later on in the day when I got home the next door neighbours father arrives on my property and starts abusing me telling me I had no right to speak to his daughter and that he owns the court we live in and I told him to get of my property and told me that the house I’m in isn’t mine which it is and then my four year old was crying as he didn’t know or understand what was going on he was in total shock so I dialled 000 and I was in shock also at this stage while I was crying to speak with emergency services and calm
my son down I had the next door neighbour and her mother then attack me and abusing me and threatening me that they will get me out of this court that I live in. I just walked away with my son and went inside the house. Emergency services did call me back and had the local police speak with me which I did speak with and did say I should take out an AVO on them as they had also reported me to the police but I’m not sure if they did apply for an AVO and if they did how do I find out? Then the the next door neighbour waited for my partner to come home and started abusing him also all because I didn’t want to run over the kids she rang her parents to fight me over nothing so basically I could take AVOs on all three of them if I wish to do so? The house I live in isn’t going to be my permanent address it’s an investment so by March I won’t be living here but my next door neighbour doesn’t know that. Then the next door neighbour asked my partner if they could attach a fence on top of the fence so she can’t see into our house and my partner said that’s fine but do not attach nothing to my fence which they have so where do I stand with the abuse by 3 family members over me and the fence what’s the law and what can I do. For six months she didn’t care about looking into my window but she does now and for six months she couldn’t look me in the face but only spoke with my partner. So the lady next door is single mother with 2 kids under 12 who are always on the road with bikes no regard for cars and are unsupervised by the mother. And after 6 months I said something about I do not want to run your kids over keep them out of my property and it’s offended her so to me it’s like it’s personal to over react that way and go to the police over not wanting her kids in my yard or to be ran over. I’m never home anyway I leave the house at 7am and home 6:30pm or 7pm then bed even on weekends I’m not home so I’m not sure why she cares about her fence and privacy now when for the last 6 months she didn’t. What advice can you give me legally and what can I do to protect myself from any AVOs the police on duty took my call and made notes but no statement. Please give me any advice I’m worried sick.