TAS New Power Pole - Dispute with Neighbour and Council?

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26 March 2015
Hello, I'm not sure if I'm in the correct area to post this. Please let me know if I'm not.

My neighbour has just erected a power pole on his property which obstructs our view with no consultation with us. I have contacted Tasnetworks who have told me they cannot help me as its now a dispute between my neighbour and I and our local council said there does not need to be any planning approval as it is all done through Tasnetworks.

Do I have any rights in relation to this?

Victoria S

Well-Known Member
9 April 2014
If you've already made a complaint into 1) Tasnetworks, 2) your neighbour and 3) your council - plus if no approval was needed (so they can proceed without objection) and the power pole is on their land and not an imminent danger to you (by say falling on your house), then I'm not sure what else you can do as its not something you can do much about. Perhaps have a chat with the Energy Ombudsman Tasmania for a third opinion?
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